Sprayers & Fertilizer Equipment

Square Backpacker Cart

Shop Built Backpacker Bridge Cart, 500 Gallon Stainless Steel Tank.

Square Chemical Totes

(9) 200 Gallon Chemical Totes

Square Dempster B3 NH3 Pump

Dempster B3 Anhydrous Ammonia Pump, Fresh Rebuild.

Square Hypro Hydraulic Pump

Hypro Hydraulic Drive Pump

Square IH 4800 Spray Truck

1989 IH 4800 Spray Truck, DT466 With Recent Rebuild, Allison Automatic, 4WD, 85' Boom, Auto Steer, Raven Envisio Pro 2, 7 Section Control

Square John Deere 1890

John Deere 1890 NH3 Applicator, 40', 12" Spacing Exactrix NH3 System, Weights.

Square John Deere 4930

2009 John Deere 4930, 4901 Hours, 120' Booms,Auto Steer, John Deere 7 Section Swath Control, John Deere Boom Height

Square Kile Fertilizer Points

Kile Fertilizer Points For Chisel Plow, New & Used

Square Loral 6400

2004 Loral Easy Rider 6400 Dry Spreader, 5069 Hours, Cat, Allison Automatic, Easy Steer With FMX750 Head, Airmax 1000 Body, Roll Tarp, 70' Booms

Square McGregor NH3 Applicator

McGregor 45' NH3 Applicator, 500 Gallon NH3 Tank, 200 Gallon Solution Tank

Square McGregor NH3 Applicator

McGregor NH3 Applicator, 63', 1000 Gallon NH3 Tank, 400 Gallon Solution Tank, Tandem Axle

Square New Leader Dry Spreader Box

New Leader Double Duty Split Application Dry Spreader, Single Or Dual Product, Stainless Hoppers, Roll Tarp.

Square NH3 Tank

12,000 Gallon NH3 Tank, Concrete Piers Included

Square NH3 Tank

Stationary NH3 Tank, 12,200 Gallon Capacity, 265 PSI.

Square Palouse Welding Backpacker Sprayer

Palouse Welding Backpacker Sprayer, 1000 Gallon Poly Cone Tank, 70' Removable Booms, Foam Marker, Hydraulic Drive Pump

Square Poly Tank

(2) 1500 Gallon Poly Tanks

Square Raven 460

Raven 460 Controller

Square Raven SCS4400

Raven SCS4400 Controller

Square Raven Sidekick Pro ICD

Raven Sidekick Pro ICD Chemical Injection System, Complet With Pumps & Tanks

Square Raven Switchmate

Raven Switchmate

Square Rogator 1386

2010 AgChem Rogator 1386, 4161 Hours, 100' Booms, AccuBoom, Auto Boom, Capstan Shapshooter Individual Nozzle Control, 1300 Gallon Stainless Steel Tank, Fence Row Nozzles, Floater Tires & Skinny Tires

Square Shopbuilt Aqua Applicator

Shopbuilt Aqua Applicator, 43', 12" Spacing, 800 Gallon Stainless Steel Tank

Square Shopbuilt Backpacker

Shopbuilt Backpacker, 1000 Gallon Cone Tank, 60' Removable Spray Booms

Square Shopbuilt Backpacker

Shopbuilt Backpacker, 1000 Gallon Cone Tank, (6) Raven Section Control Valves

Square Shopbuilt Self Propelled Sprayer

Shopbuilt Self Propelled Sprayer, Detroit Diesel Engine, Manual Transmission, 4WD, 750 Gallon Tank, 72' Booms

Square Shopbuilt Sprayer

Shopbuilt Sprayer, 95' Booms, 1000 Gallon Plastic Tank, Hydraulic Drive Pump

Square Top Air 600

Top Air 600 3-Point Sprayer, 90' Booms, (2) 300 Gallon Poly Tanks, 5 Section Boom Control, Triple Nozzles

Square Valmar Airflo 6600

Valmar Airflo 6600 Dry Spreader, 60' Booms, Roll Tarp, Duals, Detroit Diesel Power For Air Fan

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