Sprayers & Fertilizer Equipment

Square 3-Point Suspended Boom Sprayer

3-Point Suspended Boom Sprayer, 72' Spray-Air Booms, 600 Gallon Poly Tanks, 5 Section Accuboom.

Square 4000 Gallon Poly Tanks

(2) 4000 Gallon Poly Tanks.

Square Backpacker Cart

Backpacker Cart, 1600 Gallon Poly Tank.

Square Backpacker Cart

Blumhardt Backpacker, 1000 Gallon Poly Tank, Hypro Hydraulic Drive Pump.

Square Backpacker Cart

Shop Built Backpacker Bridge Cart, 500 Gallon Stainless Steel Tank.

Square Backpacker Cart

Shop Built Backpacker Bridge Cart, 900 Gallon Stainless Steel Elliptical Tank.

Square Barber Dry Fertilizer Spreader

Barber Dry Fertilizer Spreader, 45’, Top Fill Augers.

Square Barber Spreader

Barber Dry Fertilizer Spreader, 45', Top Fill Augers, Full Set Of Sprockets.

Square Brandt QF1500

2003 Brandt QF1500 Sprayer, 1000 Gallon Poly Tank, 80' Booms, Triple Nozzles, 4 Section Boom Control.

Square Brandt QF2500

2009 Brandt QF2500 Sprayer, 100' Booms, 1500 Gallon Poly Tank, 8 Section Boom Control, Floater Tires.

Square Custom Stainless Steel Tank

Custom Built Stainless Steel Tank, Never Used, Built To Fit Rear Of Articulated Wheel Tractor, 120" Wide, 64" Deep, Center Sump Mount 37" Wide.

Square Dempster B3 NH3 Pump

Dempster B3 Anhydrous Ammonia Pump, Fresh Rebuild.

Square Fertilizer Shanks

Spring Coil Fertilizer Shanks, Several Available.

Square GMC Sprayer

1978 GMC Brigadier Spray Truck, Caterpillar 3208, Allison Automatic, 2WD, Delavan Spray Body, 60' Booms, 1500 Gallon Stainless Steel Tank, AutoSteer, Control Head & Switch Box, 3 Section Boom Control, Floater…

Square McGregor NH3 Applicator

McGregor NH3 Applicator, 45', 1000 Gallon Tank, Triple Shoot, Floater Tires.

Square Miller Condor G75

2011 Miller Condor G75, 1969 Hrs, 100’, 1200 Gallon Poly Tank, Rinse Tank, Norac, 10 Section Boom Control, Floater & Narrow Tires.

Square New Leader Dry Spreader Box

New Leader Double Duty Split Application Dry Spreader, Single Or Dual Product, Stainless Hoppers, Roll Tarp.

Square NH3 Backpacker Cart

NH3 Backpacker Bridge Cart, 1325 Gallons.

Square NH3 Field Storage Trailer

8000 Gallon NH3 Field Storage Trailer, 3" Pump, Honda Engine.

Square NH3 Nurse Trailer

NH3 Nurse Trailer, Single Axle, 2850 Total Capacity, 3" Pump, Honda Engine, All Tests Current As Of July 2015.

Square NH3 Pump

NH3 Stationary Pump Station, 3" Pump, Honda Gas Motor.

Square NH3 Tank

Stationary NH3 Tank, 12,200 Gallon Capacity, 265 PSI.

Square NH3 Tanks

(4) 333 Gallon NH3 Tanks, (2) 500 Gallon NH3 Tanks, (1) 335 Propane Tank. 333 NH3 Gallon Tanks Priced @ $1,500 ea., 500 Gallon NH3 Tanks Priced @ $500 ea, 335 Gallon Propane Tank Priced @ $300.

Square Rogator 854

1996 Rogator 854, 100' Booms, Stainless Steel Tank, Late Engine & Wheel Motor Overhaul, 8 Section Boom Control, Norac Height Control, Auto Steer, Floater Tires.

Square Shopbuilt Sprayer

Shopbuilt Wing Back Sprayer, 70', 500 Gallon Poly Tank, New 480/70R20 Tires.

Square Silver Wheels Dry Floater

1995 Silver Wheels Dry Floater, 67K Miles, Caterpillar 3176, 10 Speed Transmission, Center Ride Cab, Barber Box & Barber Wings, Electric Tarp, Scales.

Square Stahly Floater

1996 Stahly Dry Floater, IH 2445 Chassis, 8.7L IH Diesel Engine, Allison Automatic, Barber Dry Box & Wings, Roll Tarp, Scales, Bent RH Boom.

Square Stainless Steel Tank

Stainless Steel Oblong Tank, 1250 Gallons, Bottom Sump, 63" X 91".

Square STX Nose Tanks

Complete Front Nose Tank Assembly For Case IH STX Tractors, Custom AgPro Frame, Twin Ace 300 Gallon Poly Tanks, Ball Fill Valves & Electric Control Valves.

Square Top Air TA1600

Top Air TA1600 Suspended Boom Sprayer, 120' Booms, Auto Height, (6) Section Boom Control, 30.5L-32 R4 Single Tires.

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